App crashes during Xcode testing on iPhone

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  • New to app developing and having some issues. I've exported my Construct 3 project and opened it in Xcode. However when I load the app onto my phone and try to open it for test I get the "Powered by Construct 3" screen and then it crashes.

    What do I need to do to fix this?

  • I'm not going to be much help, but out of interest, did you run any sort of script minimization on export?

  • I did run some minimizations on export. I thought that might be the problem but I wasn't sure. Could that be it?

  • Try it without. I just made a thread stating that I got rejected from the App Store because my game crashed on startup. Never been rejected before and the only thing I'd changed was using 'simple' minify.

    I'm exporting another one today, but it takes a while to get through the review process and I don't have a phone to test it on here.

    I'd be interested if it changes anything for you.

  • I will give that a shot. I might not be able to update it until this weekend but I will let you know.

    Thank you for the help!

  • Running it without the script min did nothing for me. The only other thing I changed prior to getting this issue was switching from stable to beta releases.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an iphone to test on. If I validate my app through xcode, how difficult is it to run on a borrowed phone to see if it crashes? Might have to see if someone at work will lend me theirs.

  • thesandstorm6 Reverting back to the stable channel fixed my crash.

  • I tried running it without compressing and that did not work

    how do i revert back without starting all over?

  • to REVERT back to a previous release: you have to download a copy and unzip the whole project, look for a file called project.c3proj and open that in a text editor, and on the second line of the file you will see:

    "savedWithRelease": 16800, (or whatever version you are currently using)

    change the number to the version you want to open it with... for example, to go back to R163:

    "savedWithRelease": 16300,

    save the file, re-zip the whole thing (and change the extension to .c3p)

    NOTE!!!! this will only work if you have not started using new features not found in the version you are going back to... so make sure you keep lots of backups! and use at your own risk :)

  • I got the game up and running on my phone after I switched it back to the stable version.

    When I go to test the game, advertisements aren't showing up. I'm not sure how to fix that. Any suggestions?

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  • My first thought would be to check that the admob plugin is configured correctly in the properties bar.

    Ashley that's now two confirmed cases that the beta channel causes Xcode exports to crash.

  • Do you know of a good video or article that can walk me through that? Apparently the one I followed didn't do a good enough job haha

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