Anyone successfully publish on Amazon?

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  • I have an APK that runs fine on Android devices and the Chromebook. When I submit to Amazon I get the vague message:

    "We are unable to test your app as it does not function as intended. The app exits/ force closes/ freezes/ displays an error message after being launched. Please fix the issue and re-submit the app."

    So, I have no real way to track this down, so I figure I'll go the other route and publish the app as a web app. Amazon allows this. You can upload the zip file or give them the URL. I chose to give them the URL.

    AGAIN, I get the same message that I did for the APK! It's easy to see this app runs by clicking on the URL.

    I searched this rejection, and found that it's very common. Some even think that this is Amazon's screwy way of saying they're not interested in your app.

    So, has anyone figured this thing out?

    Edited: I opened a ticket with Amazon regarding the web app. I questioned how it didn't run when you can click on the URL and see it working. Six hours later they passed the app and it's now listed. Interestingly, someone mentioned to me that there are most likely testers that have quotas and they just fail apps without truly testing them, just to get through their workload. I wish I opened a ticket for the APK.


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  • Both Amazon and Google Chrome operate on Android, but they use different builds. This causes certain incompatibility issues like the ones you've described.

    Android is a certified open source OS, which allows companies to develop their own variants "for proprietary reasons". Android itself was developed by Google as a variant of Java, with an estimated difference of 17 lines of code. Java was developed by Sun Microsystems in the early 90s, and the ownership rights were eventually sold to Oracle in 2009.

    Additional info: Paul, R. (2009 Apr 20) "Oracle buys Sun: understanding the impact on open source." ArsTechnica website;

    So TL;DR -- OS type incompatibility.

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