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    In Construct 3 you are giving us new feature "App build service"

    But what about construct 2 users, Where we will go

    I have recently buy construct 2 about 1 year back but I can't afford Construct 3 now.

    If you are giving same feature for Construct 2 users too then our life will go set but if not then we will be like homeless.

    Confirmation required

    1) It would be great if their will be some Pre Made Shapes in Image Editor

    for example: Star, Hands Sign, Arrow, Bells, Play button, Pause button etc

    2) Collision Round Shape

    I would like to see the "set css style" action for buttons and other form objects expanded upon.

    As it stands right now you either have to make a new action for each style change, which just takes too long.

    or you can add a text object and set web font to reference a style sheet, but that isn't intuitive.

    it would be nice if there was a editor window that allows you to enter multiple css styles quickly and can change the style depending on the button's state (clicked, hover, ect.).

    Given that the full version of C3 seems to have expanded CSS support (Click File > Add new > Stylesheet) - I wouldn't be surprised if this suggestion is already implemented.

    ... Now if we could use CSS to build menus, animations and objects, I would be very, very excited!


    How about an event tree associated with each object so we don't have to hunt for all related events when reusing code blocks?

    (Sorry no time to read if already posted.)

    I also had a suggestion for the animation editor, I believe some sort of global where you can change image point values for multiple frames at a time as that gets tedious and time consuming. Also, picking multiple frames at a time would be helpful.

    Could C3 have a built in 3d camera mode?


    For education purposes we need a way to create multiple Construct accounts/users at one time ( enter usernames one per line ) and easily assign them a license. This needs to be done without email verification by each user. For a class it is a mess to try and get each student to create an account, confirm it by email and then enter a license provided by a teacher. Many young students may not have their own email. The teacher also needs a way to reset passwords for the licenses they control. Could some sort of default account be automatically created when purchasing multiple education licenses?

    Visual Familiy

    family that may contain - sprie, sprite font, particles, scml or any visual plugin

    i have the issue where i have to create multiple familys that look the same for each plugin.

    like a family that has the pin behaviors - to controll all the pinned object in my game - currently i got to have spritePinFam, spriteFontPinFam etc...

    i written more here

    but nobody commented *sad face*

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    this is a request mail for adding action on Spritefont about changing Character width & Height from EventSheet (not talking about scale)

    I know Spritefont is for custom fonts style but we can manipulate this feature on many other ways like i have done on my tutorial

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    If you see this video you will found that i have used SpriteFont for Photo Slices

    and now I want to extend this, I want to give option like

    Click on 6x6 button Grid will become 6x6

    Click on 8x8 button Grid will become 8x8

    Click on 10x10 button Grid will become 10x10

    when Grid will 6x6 then i need to change Character height & width to cover the width & height of photo for example

    on Grid 6x6

    Six slices will cover image width and same with height

    and in case of 8x8

    Eight slices will cover image width and same with height

    now you can understand what i am talking about

    people can do lots of experiments with this new actions

    The point of this thread is that you should submit ideas to, but people keep adding ideas in replies, so locking this thread now.

    Update 18th November 2019: Since there are now many more suggestions on the platform, the vote count per user has been increased from 10 to 25. So if you had previously used up all your votes, you should have another 15 to distribute to other ideas. Please bear in mind the advice in the original post and cast your votes wisely, so as to avoid wasting them on unlikely or infeasible ideas.

    I'd add there is a huge number of suggestions filed on there (around 600 at time of writing). Using a crude calculation, in the approximately 2 and a half years since the platform was set up, we've shipped 136 user suggestions. I think that's a pretty good result, but it means as a small but highly productive company we're shipping about 54 suggestions per year. At that rate it would take 11 years to implement all the suggestions on there, not including further suggestions filed during that time. Please be mindful if you decide to post a new suggestion that due to the numbers involved, it's unlikely we will have the resources to address it unless the suggestion is either very quick/simple, or extremely valuable to the vast majority of our customers.

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