Android vs Web Performance Test (With Project attached)

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  • I've made a simple test project to show the difference in performance in Android vs Web. I can update with more samples if it's helpful. It really shows a big difference in the performance, can construct 3 do something to improve Android performance?

    Apk (Google Drive)

    Web Export


  • Good work! I think Ashley will say to submit a bug report on

  • I ran both demos on a Pixel 3 and both cases appeared to perform identically. The test does not do anything performance intensive, so it's probably not really useful for testing performance differences anyway.

  • The android build ran pretty badly on my Huawei Honor Note 10 phone (even though it ran at 60 fps), but the web version ran smoothly. It was the reason why I did this simple test as it already got the performance issues.

    My phone did not have GPU? As it shows Nan for gpuultilization.

    Is it possible to get more people test with their phones for some more feedbacks?

  • We had already established that some specific devices seemed to have performance issues, so this does not seem to be anything new. Since we don't have every Android device ever made it's difficult for us to test, which is why we advise to file an issue at describing the device and the performance measurements.

    gpuultilization showing NaN means the device does not support GPU profiling, not that it doesn't support GPU rendering at all.

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  • Ok Thanks Ashley, will do that. Tested on my Note5 (old phone) also similar results. Smooth on mobile browser, bad on Android build.

    Thanks for your time.

  • I have a Samsung 10, android 11.

    Hard to say, but it actually "felt" a bit smoother when I opened it in the web browser then in the apk..

  • I think there is something wrong with the project as I tested it on my (iPhone 8 plus) and it runs at

    Fps: 40

    Cpu: 3

    In both test (Physics & Move)

    The iPhone 8 It's a very powerful phone and normally runs any game at grate performance with minimum effort so its the first time I show it run that badly, I tested it with Worker (On/Off)

    It has to be some kind of bug I don't believe it can run that bad with two objects

    Also, I teste with (r234.4 & r237)

  • I played around with the file and changed a few minor things that made it run much better on my iPhone X.

    without any changes I was getting 41 fps running in remote preview. And the motion was very choppy.

    I then changed the text object to only update every 0.5 seconds (instead of every tick)

    I changed the Compositing mode to Standard (instead of low latency)

    that made it run buttery smooth at 60 fps

    I also changed the physics event sheet to use "on touched sprite" instead of "on tap gesture", which made it much more responsive when trying to give the impulse to the objects.

  • fredriksthlm Thanks for testing! The android performance seems to be something with rendering the frames, I'm getting 60 fps on both android and web, but was jittering in the android build.

    tarek2 Thanks for testing too. I don't have a iphone to test, so I can't really tell. But if you have any suggestion for fixing the project file, please let me know, thanks! Wasn't expecting the performance hit on iphones too for a simple project like this. Thought it was an android thing.

    AllanR Thanks for playing around with the project to try different outcomes!

    Followed your steps :

    1. Reducing the update to 0.5 seconds as you : No noticeable improvements for apk.

    2. Setting to Standard instead of low latency + 0.5 seconds update : No noticeable improvements for apk.

    3. Used "On touched" instead of "Tap Gesture" + above 2 : No noticeable improvements for apk.

    Some differences in iphones & android apk i guess.

    Also I don't have issues with remote preview as it's running in the mobile browser, which for me, was running buttery smooth. It's only the Android apk that has the issues.

  • Posted on Construct 3 Bugs :

    Please post if you have any tips or where I'm doing the project or export wrong & I will test it.

    Thanks everyone! :)

  • Had a thought thinking it was due to "debug apk" and did a "Signed release" insteaad, but still didn't improve...

  • zakkaplay

    Can you please test the android export with older construct 3 version (like r210) if possible. I have noticed that (maybe I am wrong) performance on android has dropped in later versions of construct 3. I have Huawei honor 7x and it was more than powerful enough to run any android game made on construct 3. But now something is quite odd (even changing layout takes time)

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