I am in love again!! With this ENGINE!!!

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  • Ok guys there is literally no other Game Engine out there that is as powerful and as easy as C3...

    I mean unless you want to make a 3D game you will have to use Unity or similar software....

    I have tried most of the other Game Engines out there...

    They are Unity GMS2 Construct 3 RPGMAKER...

    There is no doubt that this is the fastest engine!

    Can I be straight to the point?

    Is your goal learning CODE and living from it? Unity could be promissing!!

    The only thing I really like about Unity is the (Challenge feeling of using it)

    But still why would you do that if your goal is to just build a game and not be a CODE expert?

    GMS2 is much easyer then Unity but still again... Why would you use it??

    OMG I am so relieved I got back to this game engine I already have a game going in a matter of days... It would cost me 4 days in GMS2 I think....

    Everything about this engine is just so perfect...

    lemme point out a couple of things...

    Are you a solo dev??

    Bc if you are a solo dev C3 will be a must have for you...

    C3 can export games that has the same code both to HTML5 for ITCH.IO purposes wich is absolutely awesomee! And you can still upload the wrapper to the STEAM STORE...

    I am not being a fan Boy I do recognize this engine limitations there are only 3 relly that bothers me...

    I am also super Hypper for the recent changes to this game engine!!

    I realized a bunch of new supper awesome features when I got back!

    Anyways!! I will remake some of my requests!!

    4 things only that bothers me are:

    C3 game cant run while minimized (Background);

    C3 SliderBars and Buttons are somehow outdated ... It would be so epic if we could use buttons instead of mouse + object click ... I mean what if all we had to do with buttons was to change its graphics then we could use it?

    C3 sliderbars cant be edited... surprisingly enough this is the only thing really that Unity does much better then C3...

    Easyer way to implement STEAM achievments.. would also be so Epic...

    And of course if we could somehow export to .exe one day !!

    Anyways I am doing my part trying to contribbute to great future this engine holds!

  • Yup, been trying almost the same game engines as you, and more. Have to say C3 has something special. It just clicks with people once they try it. Is the simplicity of it all. The user interface makes sense, is all layered out in a way you don't have to think twice where objects and options are. Compared to unity interface or other engines. The UI learning curve is very short as mimics the old paint interface.

    As features comes, most of what I need is there. I been using it for years now, and had my share points of complaints and disappointments regarding some of the objects and missing features, but being a web based engine has it's limitations, and with time i realized majority of my complaints where a fan Boy perspective and were not realistically pointing towards what i need as tools and features for what im creating.

    The only thing that I'm having a struggle with is the learning curve over multiplayer game systems, however in it's defense it does say in fine print "requires some server side coding knowledge". Which compared to other engines is a breeze. But I'm learning it, so many tutorials from the community and the engine creators online. Wish there were more in depth tutorials covering step by step setting up IAP's and other stuff. And not have to read a e-book about it or a convoluted manual that at the end of it you realize it still didn't completely give you a answer to all of your questions. Luckily that missing information is found online from the awesome community creators that share their dev process, and we learn from one another. The community is somehow like Quora or stackoverflow for C3, which makes it shine.

    Other than that, one missing feature i wish it had, is the browser loading interface to be actively customizable and not by having 2-3 loading screens but to basically hijack the loading bar in beginning and customize the graphics of it and all. Which is a bit hard to do as requires some work around and "dissecting" how the "start screen" happens before your "custom loader layout kicks in".

    And a 3rd wish there was a C# or C++ compiler to convert the js code automatically to C# or C++ that would help massively the future of this engine, as would open the chance to be easily published and ported to Sony Devices such as PlayStation and XboX. There are 3rd parties that manually do it for you, but in the process they loose fine tuning you are doing on ur "game mechanics" and you lose a lot of time and money in the process of going back and forth with them to pin point exactly "the gravity feel" or other stuff you coded in C3.

    Short to be said, some of this problems i have are probably most of the heavy users problems, that are looking to use C3 for creating amazing products to be published literally everywhere.

    Maybe there are solutions to what i said. But after some 5+ years i sort of gotten tired of searching for answers and just focus on what i can achieve with the engine in it's current state. And by simplifying my expectations it just got more natural to use and less frustrating.

    Amazing product, really the go to game engine when something needs to be done fast.

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  • I am a big fan--I only note that there isn't as many add ons from third parties as there are with unity and others. I have never finished a commercial game, but for getting something to work quickly you can't beat Construct 3.

  • Construct 3 is a gift send from the God. And if you can make good art,that's even more awesome

    My only concern is dependence on Cordova for Export. It is rarely used & very few people maintain it & that's too in the name of charity

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