AJAX changed recently? Does not load textfile anymore

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  • Hi. I export to Android APK not to my server. so its not https to https?

    I will try to test it with this php code but I just checked the old project and it has the same "code" and loads the text file without any issues. But the new project does not load it. Both are made in C3, the old one is just a few weeks old.

    So did something change in the last updates of Construct or the AJAX plugin?

    If it works in the old project it should be the same in the new one? Ashley

    /update: I try the code from the old project in the new one to see if the new construct update changed it.

    /update2: I copied the code from the old project to load the working .txt file in my new project and it does not work. So it's a change in Construct to require HTTPS? :(

    Thats the code for it:

    + System: On start of layout

    -> AJAX: Request "http://www.mysite.com/folder/home.txt" (tag "url")

    + AJAX: On "url" completed

    -> iframe: Navigate to AJAX.LastData

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  • Whether there was a change to the AJAX plugin or not is irrelevant. You are trying to load insecure data from an HTTP into secure data from an HTTPS. This may have worked in the past but it's a security hole that all browsers are fixing and I imagine, so is the Construct team.

    If you are going to continue to use AJAX you are going to need an HTTPS certificate.

    -> AJAX: Request "http://www.mysite.com/folder/home.txt" (tag "url")

    One of the things Chrome is doing now is to block access to the entire site and display a shield icon in the address bar to notify the user that the site is trying to load insecure data from an HTTP site. It's forcing users to click on that shield in order to load that insecure data. Because most Construct apps do not have an address bar the user does not see it and can't click on it. Therefore, it gets blocked.

    And, if anyone is going to use WebSockets, this applies to it as well. If you make a ws:/ WebSocket server and try to connect inside of Construct, Chrome will block access and display that shield. You'll need a wss:/ server.

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