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  • Hi,

    i made a multiplayer game with construct multiplayer plugin.

    my game is like this :

    client1,client2,hostgame(host game run on a browser tab on server).


    i optimize the server game and set all layers to invisible (only a text layer which show status is visible)

    in my server game there is a little physic with stepping iterations set to 1,1


    i just test how much host game i can run on a server and here is the result:

    server config : windows server 2016 , 4 gig ram , 4 cpu core (2.6GHz on each core)


    i can run almost 10 host game (on 10 chrome tab) which can support 20 players

    if i open more than 10 tab of the host game on server chrome the FPS start dropping!


    question :

    - is there any way to optimize the hostgame ? (like disabling rendering,or....)

    - on a server like this is this a good idea to support only 20 online players? (10 game, so 20 players per server)

    - any other advice ?

    - do you think windows is better or linux is better for this task ? (running a lot of tabs open on chrome ?)

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