Advice for where to make game company on the BEST website?

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  • So im serious on making my games come to life and selling them. I've search Copyrights and Trademarks a while back and then recently searched it in the tutorials in construct which explained it a lot more clearer. So now, i've recently been planning these steps to take and once that done, I was thinking to myself the website for my game company. So, I search about wix and was thinking maybe to just make it with that since it's "free". But ran across some reviews that says other wise and hidden fees that wix has of using their site.I also looked at the tutorial in construct about making a website for you game comp. However, I would like to hear from anyone who has a site made for their comp and what site did you use to get your game site.

    1.Did you use Wix? If so, how is it for you?

    2.Did you hire someone to make it? If so, how long did it take?

    3.Are there other free sites that you use that is of good quality and quantity that's also professional and that is absolutely free with no hidden fees? If so, whats the name and how is it working for your business?

    All advice and answers will be helpful. I just want to see what will be the best place and best step for me to take my business once I have things finalized :)


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