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  • Hello people. I don't have a big problem here, I can’t understand my game is really difficult or I’m just unrealistically playing it. I don't seem to consider myself an avid player who breaks the record, but looking at those who play my game, they cannot score even 10 thousand points when I gain 50 thousand without stressing. What is the problem, they will be glad to any criticism, maybe I missed something, or the game is simply not interesting? Give advice

    Link to download the game:

  • You have played the game a lot while developing and became an expert. You also know how the game works internally. What seems obvious and easy for you may actually be quite difficult for other players.

    or the game is simply not interesting?

    If you need to know if people are enjoying your game, and what needs to be improved - add analytics to your game. It will show you stats like playtime, session time, user retention etc.

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  • If there are things that repeatedly come up in customer feedback, then something needs to be changed. The trick is to find out the why and/or the what is creating the issues.

    Before you just jump into the game and start to make it easier, you should do as DOP suggested and collect more information. Perhaps they are doing A when they should be doing B?

    Put your game in front of you mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your grandparents, your teacher, etc. and just watch what they do. Try your best NOT to help them because you cant be there to help everyone.

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