Addons in Construct 3 - feedback and request

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  • [quote:2uc12zt2]The Addon Manager

    First of all Construct 3 has a brand-new Addon Manager. This lists all the addons available to the editor — both built-in and installed. It also provides a single central place to install new addons and uninstall existing ones. This makes it a lot easier to review and manage your addons!

    I have some concerns about the statement above, it raises some issues:

    • What if some developers don't want to share their addons, for example businesses with their own unique developments.
    • What if some developers don't want even to upload their addons, will they still work?
    • What about plugging for sale?
    • If it will be a "lists all the addons available" and " central place" - search is needed, in short future if will be filled with hundreds of addons.
  • Search feature will be awesome.

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  • I'm sure they have thought about all these things (fingers crossed). The plugin manager is something basic that should already be added in C2 IMO, issues like the ones you've brought up should be easy to mitigate.

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