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  • Hello Guys, I am looking for a tutor and I am ready to pay at the similar rate I found on fiverr: 5$ per 20 minutes (which is paused though). I have some difficult questions that I cannot solve here on the forum. For instance, look at

    "How do I know which tile is being hit on collision" thread. Google it or use search box as I cannot post links here.

    P.s. I still do not have enough rep for pm or posting links on the forum, so pm me please or post on the thread, tagging me.

    For tutoring I prefer skype or e-mail, for payment - paypal. Thanks.

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  • im also looking for a teaching, willing to pay for the teacher, like monthly or weekly. im building a platform game, but i need some help.

    hope to find a good teacher.

  • Hi guys,

    coolrain8 or any other who learn Construct 2,

    I am reading tutorials and want some live chat to discuss.

    Especially I'm interested in multiplayer, read Ashley's articles and would like to talk over Skype and possibly do some tutorials sharing desktop. My current level is a beginner, although have some coding background.


    longleyge at

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