Cant use Construct 2 in class

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  • Reason is we do web design using HTML5 & CSS and therefore cant use Construct 2 for the programming as same language

    Oh well back to Python.

    Sir Fat Ant

  • Construct 2 is designed as framework for HTML5 Canvas Only

  • But doing the Python is very difficult for me but atleast I will try.

  • But doing the Python is very difficult for me but atleast I will try.

    I agree Python is difficult. We still use Scratch in class for beginners.

  • I'm not sure why you would use Python for web design? Typically that involves HTML and CSS, and Python is an unusual choice for that...

  • Sorry you misunderstood. We use HTML5 to design web pages as you say. But we wanted to use Construct 2 for the programming assessment. But we couldn't do that as we already teach HTML5. I hope that makes sense =)

  • Aww that sucks ; ( not the hugest fan of python..

  • Why would you want to do that with Construct 2, with using it to assess the code of HTLM5 designed webpages? You obviously didn't look at the program's usage or what it's intended for, but that may just be your instructor's fault for not knowing what it was intended for. It's like attempting to use paint to write a 10 page word document. You probably could, but it's going to be difficult and you're not going to be utilizing the program for what it was intended for.

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  • Are you trolling me?

  • I'm not trolling you.

    I'm just confused and don't understand why you want to use this program for a different purpose than it's intended one, especially when it has absolutely no native support for said purpose, otherwise. It clearly says on the front landing page of Scirra's website that it's intended for video game making.

    What I meant is about the program's intended usage, and I'm just questioning why you would want to use it to assess code for websites designed in HTML5 and CSS. Your first post in this topic made you seem maybe just a little confused? Yes, it primarily exports in HTML5 (as Joannesalfa pointed out, it's usage is for HTML5 Canvas only) but it's strictly meant generally to design video games. It has no native capability to function as a tool to design and check markup for web design. You very possibly could do that, but you would have to make event systems completely from scratch to understand syntax completely, it's not intuitive and is lots of unneeded frustration.

  • If you already teach html5 css then you dont need c2 ... unless u want to teach kids how to make games, and introduce them to Game development ... but then again it wont help them to much ... because you wont have native coding... all the code exported with C2 is scrambled (encoded) so you wont be able to read anything useful... if the class purpose is to teach web designing keep it as simple as possible which is html5 and css customization's ... the best and simplest way.. and you could also include some JavaScript usage with them...since they will need in future... all those can be easily learned or get info tutorials from w3schools.

    if your looking for a simple Web design engine... i suggest teach the kids html5 ,css and some implementation of JavaScript and introduce them to WordPress ... then if they want to learn more they can take a programming language class (java ,python , c++,c# etc)

    and if you do have kids as students , they will love to see that by writing some stuff in notepad... does internet stuff which is like lego for them and they all eventually love it

    hope you understand have a great day!

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