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  • Hola guys!

    I've been working a project called Word Challenge lately. There was a game called Word Challenge on Facebook before but they removed it so the only way to play was to make my own game.

    If you remember the game or just like word/puzzle games try this one out!

    ANDROID version:


    IOS version:


    The supported languages are:

    • English

    • Français

    • Deutsch

    • Svenska

    • ???????

    • Suomi

    • Româna

    • Norsk

    • Español

    • ?????????

    • Türkçe

    • Italiano

    • Nederlands

    • Dansk

    • Català

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  • Top notch! Always happy to see professional quality stuff coming out of C2.

    I'd be curious as to how you are set up for localisation, what kind of resources do you have?

    Assuming you didn't create the language databases yourself?

    Are there licensed databases?

    And how much manual work did you put into content creation? I see some things that might be generated but others like the silhouette guessing which probably require manual setup?

  • Hi! Thank you!

    I used a json file with all the translations for the game. Its not that many strings after all. There are open source projects that have alot of game translations you can use.

    My friend has alot of word lists he has made, and for some languages you can even find free lists you can use in your projects! Word lists are huge but I just needed words that are 3-6 letters long. I have different files with 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter words for each language.

    The silhouette guessing I generated by using a black sprite and effects. I don't remember exactly how I did but there was a great tutorial on effects somewhere!

    (If I remember correctly I used a black sprite with the "source atop" blend mode and placed it above the animal. That layer also has force own texture set to "yes")

  • Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing

    Good luck with the project:)

  • Thanks!

    I wish you good luck in your projects too! :]

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