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  • Hey

    Well Witch Way was a class assignment. I won't lie this {SH*T} made me cry. Anyways, I am considering taking it a step further. However, it would be nice to find a guy or gal who knows how to use this Construct 2 thing well I want to work with you to make this into an android game in the summer. I can do the art, but that's about it. Help me fix it!!!! I had so many things wrong with this.

    So if you are good at Construct 2 and see potential in my game and want to help me take it to Android just message me.

    EMAIL: onyisart (a) gmail (dot) com

    The game also has a storyline, I just didn't add it because the assignment was to short to do more art.

    SEE GAME HERE: www(dot)scirra(dot)com/arcade/puzzle/13665/witch-way


    (dot)= .

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  • Very good game Onyichi, there are some bugs like .. when the girl try to walk near a bush is like can't walk because of an invisible wall and need to move a little to one way or to the other to walk though.

    Hope i can create something similar

  • It's a good start. What kind of story is there?

  • It's suppose to be like a mystery story kinda. But I'm not adding that part since I don't have time right now!!

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