[WIP] Unnamed Knight Game :D

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very well animated and lovely designed chibi knights suitable for coop team play.
  • One question: How do i prevent the character from colliding with background scenary ? They're the same object :X

    You can set solid disabled with events.

    Just check your tile for whatever it is you use for your background,

    to me it looks like you're changing it's opacity.

    So, check the tile's opacity, or it's animation frame if that's what you're using, and then set solid disabled.

  • That will do it thanks !

  • There's a new build on site for anyone interested :) Now it is called "Little Knight vs Stomp King". I'll keep updating the progress there. For now main control is using mouse since the game play is mouse oriented. This is not a simple platform game so i can't just put Z, X as controls. Yet i'll try to add support for custom controls in the future if Construct allows me :)


  • There's something wrong, whenever I click attack (LMB)it selects the C2 logo under the screen.

  • I have to say, I really really really liked the color pallete you're using!

    I also liked the AI. It kept trying to jump on my head, that's pretty well done.

    But I couldn't hit the guy.. is that normal?

    Keep up the good work!

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  • Noga Fixed it ! Thanks for pointing out.

    andreyin Yeah that's normal since i disabled it because it's unstable right now . Making custom movement with platform behavior can be hard :D

    And yeah the little stomper is implacable :) He even jumps the stone blocks like crazy to follow you :) Just trigger waypoints nothing hard to do.

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