We've created a game trailer in Construct 2

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  • Thanks

    For the game on the tablet, we just recorded some general gameplay. Then we added the footage on to a second layer in the video editor, and sized that layer to fit into the tablet screen.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Thank you for explaining that!

    I also plan to make a trailer for a game but i never did something with video before so its hard for me to do even simple things, like recording a gameplay sequence and putting it online, somehow i always get huge files and like i said im totally noob when it comes to video editing.

  • No problem fldr, glad to help.

    Yeah, we're pretty new to video editing ourselves, but there are loads of resources out there to help you.

    Large file sizes could be due to the format of your finished video. For example avi files are much larger than mp4. Also some video editing packages let you choose a quality setting for your video, and the lower the quality setting, the smaller the end file.

    We're not experts, but if you get stuck give us a shout and we'll try to help if we can.

    Anyway stick with it, and you'll get there in the end

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