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  • So I had a more serious look at the gltf file format and partially made a loader for it.

    It requires gltf embedded files. My goal was to only get the transformed vertices from skinning and the scene graph, and play back animations. The meat of it is in js and isn't tied to webgl at all.

    I was originally visualizing it with sprites, but it was too slow so I made a setting to use c2's render directly to draw points.

  • Great work, definitely watching this thread... at the moment I am trying to take your code and add it to my 3DObject plug-in (for C3). It will be interesting to see how much perf it takes for animations (and for creating a nice structure in my case of position and uv for using the C3 Quad3D2() API to draw the triangles with texture.

    I am also translating the glmatrix API to version 2.0 (which I am already including in my plug-in.)

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  • Sounds good. Most tutorials and examples of gltf use webgl or OpenGL which is ideal for how the data is laid out.

    Gltf also only has lists of triangles but I think you could combine pairs of triangles that share an edge into quads when you first load things.

    I hadn’t planned on doing any more with this very soon. My free time and how I spend it changes a lot day to day. But I’ll likely reference it for later stuff.

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