Turn Based Gravity Platformer with Tanks (w/ Level Editor & full .Capx)

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  • Hi there!

    I have just finished the game I was working on for the last 7 months: Turn Based Tank Game (I know, horrible title, but I had no idea what to call it :3 ). Here's a link (with Gifs!): goo.gl/TsE9s8

    I also included the full .Capx file so you can check out how I did some stuff like a fully featured Level Editor that works cross-platform (desktop & mobile), the enemy turret parabolic collision checking and the collision checking for the turn based movement that took me 4 months to get done!

    Also, a BIG special thanks to R0J0hound for the help with the parabolic collision checking (the game would run 10x worse without it!) goo.gl/6nonCY

    and to oosyrag for pointing me to it!

    A "bit" of a story about the process of making this game:

    I jumped into this project (like many other aspiring indie devs) without coming up with a plan, which was a big problem in the end. I woke up one morning, after struggling the night before to come up with a good idea for a game, even if my life depended on it, and this idea of a tank game just popped up into my mind (Or at least I hope it popped into my mind and I didn't unconsciously steal it from a YouTube video that I was watching at 4am), and I jumped on it full of enthusiasm.

    I made some other big mistakes, like not having a playable prototype until 4 months in (no joke) and severely underestimating my abilities at stuff like telling a good story (you can read a bit more in depth about this on the itch.io page)

    Needless to say, after working 4 months just on the movement mechanic, I was a bit lost as to where to take the game from there. I took a break from the game for 1-2 months, but when I wanted to categorically cancel the game, I just couldn't.

    Part of the reason was that I thought this idea has some potential and is pretty unique (hence me not knowing what to call it), but also for a personal reason.

    I started learning to make games with C2 ~2 years ago and my first released game with it was a top-down domino toppling sort-of-puzzle game that was also pretty unique, but was very flawed. After that, I got this idea into my brain that I should release a new game as soon as possible, so I can only describe the next 3 games that I made as "mobile trash".

    A year and a half ago I decided to stop making these awful games and try to make a really ambitious game to prove that I could do better than this. I entered a game jam where I made a pretty cool game, but I wanted to make something more ambitious, something I could point to and feel proud.

    I thought of making a platforming game where you would change the gravity of the world by turning your phone and you also had a grappling hook with which you could cling to any bit of terrain and swing around. I worked on it for the better half of a year before giving up on it since it felt awful to play, but I was still fixated on making a good game with this phone-turning gravity-changing mechanic so I started a much smaller game with this premise (one that I will not explain as it's possible I'l resume work on after a short break) but I got stuck on a certain thing, so I stopped working on it too.

    So I really wanted to make and publish something better than a sh!tty 2yr old mobile game, and I think this is a bit closer to what I want to accomplish!

    Thank you for reading!!

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