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  • I did a little puzzle game for a daily advent quiz section on a german website.

    A very basic video tutorial: https://youtu.be/5nziD1X9dQs

    To solve a level, you need to make the screen on top right look the same as on the bottom right.

    So in case of the first level the black screen needs to become white.

    Part of the challenge of the 'quiz' was understanding what all these things do, but I'll give some tipps:

    Blue (and Grey) modules produce numbers.

    All the other modules just change their course or number.

    The small red arrows are the output, the indents the input.

    By connecting to the one spot on the middle right of the playing field (as shown in the video), you connect to the interpreting mechanism that basically takes in the arriving numbers and by internal logic changes the screen on top right side accordingly.

    I'll share it so you can take a peek if you want. The game can be found here:


    There is also alternate level available here (only the first one should be of interest):


    So in sum it is only 4 Levels. For another little challenge, you could try out solving level 2 with only 2 blue modules.

    I wish everyone happy upcoming Christmas days.

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