Tank Racer update: socket.io multiplayer

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  • <font size="4">UPDATE</font>

    Tank Racer - PLAY HERE

    Multiplayer race modes

    Host a game and start when 2 or more players entered.

    Battle Arena Maches

    Continious 10 minutes round resets, kills and death scores per round

    New map: Battle Arena

    Battle arena Death Match

    Play solo in perpetual running rounds against everybody !!

    Every round keeps tracks of kills and death.

    Battle arena Team Death Match

    Play as a team in this version of the team death match.

    You automatically get assigned in a team and have to battle your opponents.

    New race course: ZigZag

    A new race course has been added, complete the crocodile course on intermediate to unlock this level.


    Touch support added, also works with the mouse, touch the road in front of the tank to make it move.

    EDIT: For battle arena: after some early tests the controls have been improved to support faster stopping and better aiming on targets.

    In Battle Arena, if you are within the vicinity of another tank, you can click them and shoot. (you automatically slow down)

    If you touch your tank, it would be like clicking reverse.

    EDIT: perfomance sync tune, data information stream stops using old/lagged information.

    tests: I was able to play this on a cheap mobile phone versus a pc :)   (wifi ofc)


    After the Ludum Dare I decided to take a deeper look into socket.io for a higher level of multiplayer capability in construct 2.

    I used the modded plugin from ace/sheffield, but I will likely make my own version in some time.

    The tutorials didnt really work as there are some differences in versions and architecture such as linux vs windows, also, I believe some functions are missing in the plugin.

    I got access to a nice vps server last week, to test if I can make it work. I did, and it works quite well, to continue development I could really use some feedback on playability.

    There are some bugs left and right as socket.io is kinda new for me.

    There is a small bug with the tank start positions in the races, but that will comenext update.

    Give the multiplayer a try and please leave some feeedback.

    Try and play at the same time together with some friends and see if it works well.

    Thanks for trying, and have fun.


  • lennaert

    i encourage you for your work

    keep up the good work <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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