Sweets Monster C2 game on IOS

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  • Hi, folks.

    Excuse my poor English.

    My first C2 game on IOS is release.

    I found C2 in march this year.Then I realized this is cool tool I can make the game without basic programming.And I start learn how to use C2 and make this game.Thank the gays in this Forums for answered my questions.

    <img src="http://i42.tinypic.com/2myx8xj.jpg" border="0">

    This game on Kongregate and add the Clay.io Score Leaderboard:


    Control:(Support touch control)

    [Up Arrow] to jump and double jump.[Down Arrow] to slide and fall faster in the air.[Up Arrow] or [Space] to stand up immediately when sliding.


    Eat all the candys up, all of them!This is a 2D Endless parkour game. Players will have to use their skills to avoid obstacles and eat candy,you don't have to run as far as possible but eat the more the better (all if possible), creating higher numbers of combos will get higher reward. With increasing difficulty, there will be more varied and complex barriers to wait for players to pass through.

    Normal mode:

    With increasing difficulty, there will be more complex obstacles.In normal mode reache score of more than 10,000 will unlock expert mode.

    Expert mode:

    More challenging obstacles than Normal mode. With increasing difficulty, the game speed will be increased. Eexperts come and take on the challenge!

    Here is the IOS version on AppStore:

    Sweets Monster IOS

  • Hi Nofish,

    Nice game, it runs really well and has a very professional finish.

    Good luck with it, I hope it does well!

    Edit: I did notice that on the second page of the tutorial section (line two) you have misspelt 'DOWN' ('DWON'). It's only a minor thing, but I thought you might want to know!

  • Blacksmith

    Thanks for remind. I will correct mistakes and add the achievement system.

  • This is great. Plays well on my first generation iPad.

  • Just bought it for my iPhone 4. Works like a charm. Good luck with the sales!

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  • Very cool game!

  • Thanks everyone.Actually as Independent developer,this game is still too simple.And it is difficult to be found in app store without business promotion.I am still learning C2 and updating this game and add more feature. e.g achievement, IAP.But I found cocoonjs 1.3 already receive memory warning.

    C2 cocoonjs plugin now did't support gamecenter achievement?

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