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  • Hello, my name Gurgie, I am a 23 year old developer ^^. After 1 year of work (polishing mechanics, designing/redesigning levels), I have finally finished my project:

    Super Kosher Glue Factory.

    It tells a story about an Alicorn trying to save his species from extinction at the Glue Factory. The story intersects with another story, about young girl getting her 5th birthday present. The story is actually pretty compelling, so I suggest following it and not just skipping cutscenes.

    In gameplay it's a platformer with a floating and dashing mechanics. A frustrating and (somewhat) unfair platformer. Most of my effort was put in testing and level design, I read a lot about good practises, so I hope I Implemented my knowledge well. The game starts really fast (throws a lot of stuff at you), and every level gives the player something unique. I also tried to avoid hand holding and teaching player too much. It's up to him ^^.

    I highly suggest downloading the game, as It usually takes more than 1 session to finish it.

    You can play it here:

    or play it/download it from gamejolt: ... tory/77819

    Use arrow keys, c/v/b, spacebar, enter and mouse to control.

    PS - some people who tested this game said they didn't like the moving, realistic backgrounds - They can now turn it off easily in options (It automatically goes there after you turn the game on for the first time. Alternatively it's far right in the hub).

    Take your time trying to get through this game and have fun ^^ Also, If you have any feedback, let me know!

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