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  • I've been working on my new project and although it is still far away from the end product it is almost playable at the moment. Because I need some incentive to keep going I've decided to try and finish this game before november to be able to compete in the Tizen competition.

    Play "Stretchy"

    • Use mouse or touch to adjust jumping power and angle
    • While in flight touch left or right of "Stretchy" to adjust horizontal speed.
    • Try "saving" da bombs by jumping on their red button.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Edit: Updated example.

  • Nice concept LittleStain, and the graphics are very good! I like the stretching aspect of the main character (very inventive). I only managed to save 1 bomb though :(

    Good luck with the project, I look forward to playing it again (once you have some more levels).

  • Blacksmith, thanks for the compliments!

    There is still some work to be done on the graphics, but the overall feel is pretty clear i think.

    The custom movement behaviour on stretchy also needs some tweaking as it's collisions aren't always working as wanted.

    Saving the bombs can be pretty hard, but not saving them won't kill you.

    I'll try and keep this topic up to date, so if there's more to explore it can be found here.

  • My intention is finishing this game before november so I can enter it in the Tizen competition. This will mean making scaling up the graphics to make them suitable for mobile and creating enough levels while keeping a consistent game-play experience. Hard work, but sometimes you've got to push yourself..

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  • Updated example. For preview purposes scale in browser is off to make it look more like the size on mobile phones while playing on desktop. All tests are ofcourse done on mobile with scale activated.

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