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  • Looks nice and plays pretty well, though the jumping sometimes gets locked for some reason.

    A lot of the sounds feel very out of place. The first one that comes to mind is the sound effect for your main gun. Since I'm controlling a big stonking mech I expect a satisfyingly meaty cannon/rifle sound from it, but instead it sounds like I'm firing a dinky pew pew laser gun. The enemy soldiers on foot have meatier sounds for their guns.

    I also noticed you re-used the sound effect for the players gun for some enemies guns (don't remember which). I'd suggest avoiding that because it can be slightly confusing.

    Talking about audio, some more varied music tracks would help a lot. The first level has a very much ambient track. Which is good, helps set the mood. But for situations like the truck sequence, something more energetic will help a lot to engage the player.

    Btw, that text screen just before the truck sequence, way too much text to set up such a simple scene.

    You could also give some more feedback to the player. For instance, the first time I ran into the drone spawners (or whatever you call them) I didn't know if they were destroyed when their sprites changed. The broken state wasn't drastically different from the normal one so at first it looked like it was partially destroyed.

    You have to duck to be able to fire on the regular soldier enemies. This would be fine if I could just tromp over them instead of shooting them.

    You also have some wonky english here and there.

    Anyway, looks to be a cool game.

    Edit: I figured I'd go back and double check some things in the game, but I'm currently stuck on the loading screen.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, you are really awesome. I'm working on a lot of things you guys pointed out here, and soon I will post an updated version with fixes (:

  • GG.

    As megaman zero is one of my favorite games, your game gets an a+


    1. loading... vs percentage While the game was worth the wait. My internet connection is quite slow. You might as well imagine that everyone who touches your game has a slow connection. Seeing a percentage of progress vs "loading..." will stop impatient players from closing out before enjoying your game [I was very tempted to close the window]
    2. Starting menu Nifty classic arcade selection menu. Unfortunately it got bugged up on my computer and eventually broke, allowing me to select different things without sliding over as intended.
    3. Beef up the player's gun/sound effect
  • Hey Khaz, thanks for the feedback.

    I'm thinking about the upwards and diagonal shooting. Is it really necessary? I mean, look at megaman games, as cited by Khaz. You cannot shoot upwards and the game works just fine. Also, if you played through the game, you must have noticed that there's a homing missile upgrade, and using this weapon you can hit enemies basically anywhere on the screen.

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  • brunogruber,

    no diag or up shooting...keep it hard. out of respect for the pixel gods...lest they get angry and exact

    great game sir...

    c2 needs more visually stunning games like this to be seen, just as much as games with unique game play mechanics. i found myself killing things, just so i could get a good look at the 'place' without being lovely graphics and use of color. also love the foreground and background animations for depth and mood.

    well done...

  • harrio, thank you man! Glad to know you enjoy it. And oh, I almost forgot: debugdesign, I'm working on this game for about 4 to 5 months by now.

  • brunogruber,

    when you put in the shows.

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