[Starter Kit] All Poses Pack by Telles0808.

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Human/Character Base Pixel Art Sprites in various poses (nearly 100 files)
  • the trees are well done, but the view is if we look the tree from bottom.

  • Thanks you for the feedback, I'll use the smaller version of that trees ^^

    The bottom to top angle of view is matching the 2D canvas and side scrolling style of the game xD

    Updated: 2012/02/22 - Added Climbing on Ceiling system, polished many movements and improved the performance while falling with more conditionals;


    I'm stalling the max I can to miss the fighting with weapon poses -_-

    Be alert, next release will earn 1 new pose.


    Updated: 2012/04/16 - Re uploaded for the latest C2 build.

    Next week I want to make some new poses.

    I appreciate who liked my SandBox and I want to encourage you to try your own too! See you!

  • I like. Thanks for share.

  • This is really impressive. WOW. good job man!

  • nice work quite it's useful

  • Updated: 2012/06/25 - Re uploaded for the latest build of C2 and some tweeks;

    Updated: 2012/05/29 - Re uploaded for the latest build of C2 and some tweeks;

    Thanks Eric

  • Hey, this is really cool! When I try to download and look at the source, it says "version 96 when I only have 95" but 95 is the current free one. Is it because I'm still on the free version?

    I am trying to do a lot of the same things (especially in and out transitions) as you've done here so it's cool to see someone further along.

    Are you using Global Numbers for the different animation states or is it just a complex network of events?

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  • switchblade327: r95 is the latest stable release.

    R96 was the latest Beta release and r97 was just released.

    You can find it : http://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases/r97

  • I'm updating and keeping the compatibility with the latest Release. As Kyatric said, you can download the R97 on that link and use for free.

    I'm happy to see it helping someone else than myself ^^

    In August I'll launch a mini game using the events and character templates to show the poses in real action xD

  • Awesome, I'll download r97 this weekend and dig into it. I have basic locomotion with transitions working already but nowhere near this level of complexity, so I'm really curious to if states are driven by global numbers or just a really complex network of if/and/unless statements.

    I started messing with Construct 2 because want to do exactly this kind of thing with a 2d platformer. I work as a 3d animator abut want to scratch my low-fi creative itch :)

  • I was very busy these days changing the code to keep all the things learned with the SandBOX and building up my first character, using this template ^^

    The character template placed on SandBOX was designed have a long time, and to show up his potential I wanna release a mini game soon.

    I'm planning to release the mini game on August, and it'll have 3 stages.

    A preview of how the character is:

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47035927/02%20-%20Image%20Resources/01%20-%20Character%20Templates/01_standing.gif" border="0" />

    Hopefully you liked

    Edited 30/06/2012:

    here is the live demonstration ^^


    Edited 01/07/2012:

    Updated - From yesterday the game was huge improved, and now the Weapon and Bow poses are incorporated, many polish was made on the Player frames and a very huge work around the smoothness of detection and poses.

    Believing this will be nice to play, my next step is work on a custom controller setting, where you'll be able to setup your preferable keys to play.

    What do you think about CTRL and SHIFT keys to change the attack type? it's better to have separated keys?


    2012/07/24 - Added a tutorial to C2 Community;

  • I really like the art and the animations are great. I do have a few criticisms, perhaps they're intentional though.

    • When you jump, you have a "starting to jump" animation. If the jump button is released before the real jump begins, the jump fails to happen. I feel the jump should occur even if you just tap the jump button.
    • If you're running fast and try to jump off right at the edge, the jump will fail since you'll slide right off the edge in your "starting to jump" animation and fall to your doom. Perhaps activate the jump if the "starting to jump" animation is interrupted?
    • You can't double-jump while falling. This may be intentional, but feels awkward to me.

    I'm looking very closely at your example as I'm working on a 2d platformer and hope the animations can be as smooth as this. Thanks for the work!

  • The interrupt-able jump was intentional, after the sandBOX I was working on a touching screen game, and missed to return it to the original settings on the sandBOX.

    You can check the new sandBOX here, but this one will be release only after I finish the game behind this scene ^^


    You may noticed, I used the template and made that character of this post: scirra.com/forum/forum_posts.asp

    Next release of the old sandBOX I'll return the jumping to the original settings.

    Thanks you, your support is really encouraging to keep this project better and flawless.

    And thanks for the tip, it's very nice someone else saw how it work and returned a post to tell me, I appreciated.


    I was testing my skills today.

    Finally the Intro was finished and I'll have to deal with scenarios from now on.

    Remembering the first character template, with 200+ frames, 20 complex poses and smooth transitions, after it, his pants, the trees, and now the scenarios. Make games is really fun and hard, I admire who try and finish their games, it's really admirable.

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47035927/02%20-%20Image%20Resources/01%20-%20Character%20Templates/01_standing.gif" border="0" />

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47035927/02%20-%20Image%20Resources/Testes1.png" border="0" />



    Stay tunned, I'll post my progresses here, when possible.


    This Week I pretend release a post exclusively to Equilibrium here on the Community ^^

    It's going well and The Alpha stages are missing only the talking system (WIP) and the HUD (WIP)

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47035927/02%20-%20Image%20Resources/HUD_samples.png" border="0" />

    Edited 23/03/2013:

    Back to the Hobby, today I updated and polished the unfinished Tutorial.

    After finished some incompatibility with the C2, since it changed a lot by the last I used it, the game is ready to go.

    I'm currently working hard on the scenario to finish this first step of the tutorial.

  • Nice to read it.

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