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  • Slot Quest has just been released for ios, Android, and Kindle!

    It dawned on me I have never posted in the forums so I thought I'd give it a go and share some ios codes for my new game Slot Quest - made from Construct 2. ... ?ls=1&mt=8

    For more info, screenshots, and all my other games created with Construct 2 check out:

    Please enjoy!

    STORY: You awaken from a blackout to a strange, unfamiliar voice. You find yourself on a long path that connects two worlds. You have your trusty pistol in one hand and what the voice calls “the SYPHOR” in the other. The SYPHOR is an enemy weapon sent to deplete and transfer life from your world to theirs. It will consume life with every step and its power will grow until it is returned to its origin and destroyed. You must continue the quest. Return the SYPHOR, and destroy it.

    SLOT QUEST is a solitaire, dice-based RPG with a slot machine interface. It’s a game of chance, strategy and resource management.

    GAMEPLAY: Spin the wheels and embark on the quest of your LIFE! The objects you land on are used to trigger an action. Multipliers are determined by landing on matching objects. If there are NO matches the first object on the left will be used by default.

    ************************************************** *************


    GOLD payouts for Jackpots (matching 3 of a kind)

    Random events ensure a unique experience each time

    Turn-based battle system

    Enemies scale as you progress

    Permanent Perk Upgrades

    Easy pick up and play for quick fixes

    Replay ability

    No In-app purchases EVER!

    It would behoove you to check out the FIELD GUIDE

    ************************************************** *************

    HP: Health Points- The SYPHOR will consume HP each spin. The amount will increase the closer the SYPHOR gets to its origin. If HP = 0, you die.

    MP: Magic Points- MP fuels your Magic Shot. Each Magic Shot uses 10MP.

    Health Potions: 1 Potion = 10 HP. Health Potions can be converted to Magic Potions.

    Magic Potions: 1 Potion = 10 MP. Magic Potions can be converted to Health Potions.

    ATK: Attack Points- This number is added to each attack you make.

    DEF: Defense Points- This number is subtracted from any attacks directed toward you.

    SKELETON KEY: Used to escape a trap of any difficulty.

    GOLD: GOLD is used to upgrade your stats at the store. Enter the store by pressing the Shopping Kart icon.

    STEPS: This number represents your score. 1 Spin = 1 STEP. STEPS are converted to PERK POINTS after each game and can be spent in the PERK STORE to permanently upgrade stats.

    PERK POINTS- The total of your unspent STEPS from previous games. PERK POINTS are spent like GOLD in the PERK STORE to permanently upgrade stats. Enter the PERK STORE by pressing the Shopping Kart icon from the Title Screen

    ************************************************** ************


    FOOD- Replenish HP

    DRINK- Replenish MP

    BATTLES- Turn based battle system. Hit ‘em with your Standard Issue shot or unleash the power of your Magic Shot. Enemies scale as you progress.

    BONUS- Increase a random Stat!

    CHANCE- Fortunes can be won or lost with CHANCE spins. It could be anything GOOD or BAD.

    TRAPS- You must roll the number of keys that match the difficulty of the trap you’re in. Skeleton keys may be used to escape a trap of any difficulty.

    RANDOM NUMBER- A random number from 1 – 10 used to determine the intensity of spins.

    ****************PROMO CODES*****************

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