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  • Ok, i wish to take some minutes to present my upcoming project which are about to take advantage of WebSockets technologies. Its called Skirmish Commanders! I moved this from another engine to Construct 2 for technicals and productive reasons.

    Its gonna be a commercial online turn-by-turn tactical drones game which mixing aspects of several games such Pokemon (Varieties), EVE Online (Customization), Final Fantasy Tactics (Kind of game) and Front Mission (Combat deep details).

    This is rather huge i know, but i am pretty sure that Construct 2 will be a lots of help here comparing to what i was using before. This game gonna be fully HTML 5 with a Desktop version! A kickstarter is planned cause i really believe i can't finish it without poeple help and there are many things that still need to be developped. The server-side is ready just need to put logic in. I worked 1 year on a solution using WebSockets and came to a point where i am pretty confident it will work.

    The game will have interesting combat features like ability to target drone subsystems, etc drones will have balanced stats the idea is to try to make a drone unique and even if its bigger than another drone that won't meant its better or more powerful. At some point you will be able to customize the stats or adding abilities to the drones via pluggable modules. There will be high level of complexity when it come to stats of the drones such precision, energy, module slots, rate of fire, weapon type, etc.

    Then i plan to enable 2vs2 battles in the futur and different game modes.

    Have a look at the devblog :

    ** Please note all the content on the blog are copyrighted to me.

    Thanks for your interest! :)

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  • News!

    Interface components preview :)

    Please check my DevBlog at You can also add me to tweeter in order to fellow the project.


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