Scirras official game?

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  • Hey guys i was wondering if there are any official games made by Scirra team itself?

    Or think that you will make a presentation of Construct 2 to investors tomorrow, which games will be shown as "examples made with using C2" if they ask 5 or 10 games?

    I believe there are more users curious about it.

    Ashley Tom

  • We don't have any official games. We work round the clock on C2 as it is and couldn't possibly spare the time. The Arcade is a good place to find Construct 2 made demos.

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  • Ashley Tom

    I was wondering the same thing actually. Have you guys ever considered having a Contest where the winners will get free art provided by Scirra,

    ( as art seems to be the weakest link in a lot of these games )

    and then have the game featured / displayed on the site,

    and give the winners receive bonus rep points,

    and a special badge on their Gravatar?

    IMHO, the games don't even have to be that original, in fact they could be almost exact duplicates of existing games out there on Yepi or wherever ... the key is having high quality art

    and its all about showing off C2 and what it can do.

    Just a thought....

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