Save the Wall - [Android and Scirra Arcade Version]

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Wall Pin Board is a hyper causal game developed for fun and inspired by YouTube video whose link is given in description
  • After three months of work, here is my first "full" game. It's a simple variant of Circle Pong, but I'm so proud

    Hereis the post with the various stages of the development of the game. Here is a link to download on Android

    Why don't you download and test it? Then, let me know what you think, please

    Scirra Arcade

    Google Play

    Save The Wall is an experimental twist on the classic game "Circle Pong"!

    The rules are simple. Keep the ball bouncing inside the path.

    Your goal is to keep the ball bouncing inside the path. All you need is one paddle and your reflexes. You can control only the direction of the paddle movement just by tapping the screen. That's it!

    Be careful not to become addicted. You have been warned.

    Briefly, this game can be described as a mix of ping pong, squash and classic arcade.

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