Real-time infographics with C2 - Births & Death

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  • Noncentz705 I Downloaded the new one. I've been testing it in Chrome (and tried it in Firefox) without any black screen issues, locally at least.

    I'm going to do some more tests in the next week or so, including trying it in a Cooccoonjs compiled android apk. I'll report the results here for anyone interested.

  • This is the first i have been experiencing Infographics with C2...Quite intresting and would like to follow this..

  • Hi fishbottle,

    Would you have any objection for me to use this infographic as an example of use for my software - thewebscreensaver ( I think it'll be a good example of its use while making an interesting display.



  • Hi

    great work!

    i have a question....

    how i can add a div with only Celcious temp

    i need display something if...


    if 22c or more.... show a flower....


    if -10c or more.... show a ice cube

    any idea?

    tnks!! (sorry for my english... i'm spanish)

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  • Noncentz705 Thank you for sharing what you figured out (and the capx)! Very helpful!!

  • If you want it here's a quick capx example :

    There's a lot more information returned from the request then what i choose to list, chance of precipitation, wind speeds...

    I understand that this thread is very old but I need it urgently. Can anyone please upload weather api capx please.

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