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  • I've an idea for you, why don't you substitute the "shoot" button for "pressing the right mouse button" for shooting the ball?

    It will make it faster to play.

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  • I like this game <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Nice update. Great how it automatically makes another stage now - keeps the flow. Much more satisfying when you make a shot as well.

    I like the ui effects when you go into the water or sand. Classy :)

    I also like the jumps - its a cool mechanic, but i feel at the moment the player has no incentive to really use them (as the best strategy is to avoid all objects and terrain by shooting high every time).

    One way you could remedy this is to add some extra sounds (perhaps an applause if a player makes a shot with the assistance of a jump).

    I also think an appluse would be good if a player hits the shot first try (and maybe a cool popup that made you feel special - haha).

    Just out of curiosity - have you tried implementing the "hold button for power" and shoot on release? Not that what you have isnt already fun - because it is :)

  • chrisbrobs,

    it is getting better with each iteration sir...well done.

    i agree with genkigenga that a level of added polish would be added sounds for accomplishing certain things like a hole using the jumps, hole in one.

    GenkiGenga, to your question, he did have a mechanic like what you suggested in one of his earlier versions, but he changed it to this because it allows the player to change their mind about the shot, instead of being stuck with shooting, once you have set up the 'shot'.

    i also agree that a numeral indicator for the angle would help with fine tuning shots as well. you could have the number inside your 'arc' graphic, to the right or front of the player.

    this is really coming together nicely.

    keep going sir.

  • Ah I see. That makes sense.

    Still liking it - After my last post i played a little more with the jumps, very fun. :)

  • Amazing game but when i play golf at my home with the help of golf simulator, i get the virtual hole..

  • Very good.

    Make a larger level (with camera control) and some other obstacles.

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