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  • Hey guys.. Try out this side-scroller i made using C2.. It is based on the Indian mythological epic of the same name.. Any feedback would be appreciated :)

    Cheers.. Cant post links because of low rep.. But here is the URL..


  • I had a quick go.

    1. I couldn't click to advance the cutscenes. I had to wait.

    2. When I was running right I couldn't stop running right, seems when I am on the raised islands.

    3. The controls did not seem to respond properly at times.

    4. suggestion, replace the standard arial font with a nice sprite font. It looks a bit so so

    I will have a proper go later and check out gameplay

  • Hi czar.. Thanks for your reply..

    1. You've to press the ENTER key to advance the cut-scenes as it says in the instructions..

    2. I've not encountered any problems with the running or the controls so far on any system I've tested the game on.. They seem pretty responsive.. It might be system dependent but I'll look into it nevertheless..

    3. I'll change the font as soon as I find something I like :) sticking to Arial till then..

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  • I was aware of the enter key, however, I my book software should always work for the user rather the other way around. I expected clicking/touching to work and it didn't which makes the app feel unresponsive.

    I couldn't replicate the right only problem I had first time around. Nice artwork BTW

  • That makes sense.. I will implement clicking to skip cut-scenes too then.. I haven't implement touch controls in the game yet..

    The art-work was done by a couple of friends of mine..

    Thank you for the suggestions :)

  • Here are my first impressions as a new player:

    -I have no problem with the Enter to skip cutscenes because the game tells me I can do it in huge letters

    -Start Screen is very plain.

    -At the start of the game, the instructions are helpful at the bottom.

    -The Main Character, Background, Ground, and UI look very good.

    -The first blocks that you have to jump over have completely different art and kind of feel out of place

    That's it for now, nice game!

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