"Last of the Survivors" at 80K+29K downloads!!

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  • SamRock Hi! Great job! Question for you, how did you setup Chartboost and Adcolony in Construct? Did you use the Admob object or the iAd object? What did you use to create your APK? Was it Cocoon or Intel XDK?

    Thank yous so much! I used 's Video Ad plugins He is documented all the steps required to setup the Ads and call them from C2. Its very simple. If you have used Admob plugin then this should be very familiar to you.

    I used AdMob. Not sure if iAd will work on Android. Or Does it?

    I used Intel XDK for building the APK. Let me know if you have any more question... love to help fellow devs

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  • I wanna know details of programs did you use, please especially in graphic.

    Hi there! I used Blender 3D for rendering the 3D models (Characters and animations, Vehicles, Weapons and levels).

    Mostly Photoshop for all UI stuff.

  • really nice, thank you

  • That's awesome! It's always nice to hear numbers like this. I wish you success in future games too.

    Thank you so much for that!!

    I wish you the same

  • Congrats on all the downloads! That is impressive. : )

    And Thanks you sharing details too.

  • Congrats on all the downloads! That is impressive. : )

    And Thanks you sharing details too.

    Thank you and You are most welcome! Please download, play, rate and share your feedback

  • My game is currently at 80K downloads on Google Play store.

    24K on Windows!

  • You did a great game

    But it works terrible on 8 core MediaTek

    It's not smooth and tears

    I'm sorry but Crosswalk sucks

    Also it's full screen only at the beggining,

    Later I see notification belt on the top,

    And 2 black belts on the left/right side (i

    I have 1280*720 display)

    Hi there!

    I switched to CocoonIO. Would love to hear your feedback. Let me know how it performs now

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