"Doors & Secrets"[LD 29][LocalMulti Only]

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  • --------------------> LUDUM DARE ENTRY <--------------------


    Ludipe : code + design

    Erin : art

    pixelartm : game logo + art enhancing

    : music

    Beneath the surface ... everyone has a secret. And for some reason they hide them in briefcases and put those behind locked doors. Steal them!

    "Doors & Secrets" is a game for two players(no singleplayer mode) where they fight each other to get a briefcase which contains valuable secrets.

    -You can get rid of your enemy for a few seconds if you stomp on him.

    -There are some doors blocking your way, you'll need a key to open them, get it before the other player does!


    Player 1: Arrow keys.

    Player 2: WASD

    Misc: "P" pauses the game and "O" toggles fullscreen.

    I realized that most people would play the game alone but I decided to make it anyway. I can't enjoy these games whenever I want but when I have a friend to play with I'm glad these kind of games exist.

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