Piggy free 'em all (Puzzle Platform)

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • <italian mode on> Bella! Non sono abituato a scrivere in italiano nel forum Scirra, per� � bello poter scrivere nella propria lingua ogni tanto!

    Il camioncino � un po' stronzetto, vero, per� basta saperlo "saltare" (anche se a volte durante le mie prove mi schiacciava...^_^).

    La selezione del livello l'ho gi� modificata una volta e nemmeno a me convince ancora... volevo differenziarmi dai soliti quadrati con i lucchetti, ma non riesco a trovare una soluzione efficace.

    Ah, so a quale Raffo ti riferisci ma non sono io purtroppo! :-Ho appena visto il video del tuo gioco e devo dire che te la cavi benone anche tu con C2! Poi mi piace la grafica stile cartoon! L'unica cosa che non mi piace � il sistema di controllo: non mi va di girare il telefono per spostarmi a dx e sx... ma questo � riferito a tutti i giochi che usano quel sistema. Spero tu abbia messo la possibilit� di scegliere il metodo di controllo!

    PS: se vuoi scrivermi x scambiarci consigli in italiano senza impegno da parte di nessuno, vai sul sito del mio maialo e mandami una mail a quell'indirizzo! ;-p

    <italian mode off>

    I tested my game only with Chrome, thanx for your report! But I think that html5 games have to run only on Chrome, the perfect browser for this tecnology (until others optimize the html5 part).

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  • raffo! Congratulations!

    i playing a lot here! like the grafics, sounds and the all !!

    My daugther love it too!!!

    Good Job!

  • Oh yeah! I'm happy to hear this! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I hope next week to make other improvements and another level! I'll put new link in this threat!


  • LINK UPDATED: 01/12/13


    • 1 new level (level 5, introducing: Canyons)
    • made more improvement (spring, kites, Vufo enemy, rolling rocks...)
    • modified level selection menu
  • Wow, you have made alot of progress since you first began this and I have followed this thread ever since. Right now I can see that you are working on fixing and adding things/issues that we have pointed out for you. You have added some new gameplay elements that make the game alot more interesting, and the game looks better and better every time I come back here.

    Now, we still have some few issues:

    Way too many hang-gliders in some levels

    Too much backtracking

    Mute button does not turn off soundFX

    Key in level 5 is in front of the trees (If this is the meaning, then I think the pig should be seen too)

  • Hi TheNormalGeek! Yes, I tryed to do some of the points you guys in the forum suggested me and I think now it has changed a lot! ^_^

    Ok, for the hang-gliders, maybe there are too much in a couple of levels, eheh!

    For backtracking you mean that there are too many things to do in the level? Consider that levels are not too big, because in theory it's a puzzle platform. So, if you wanna finish the level, you have to go ahead and then return back. Do you find the "teleport" when you get the balloon? It can teleport you to the chicken with the balloon! ;-)

    The mute button is not a mute button (^_^) but a music on/off. I think that if someone doesn't want any sound, he can turn off the speakers or remove the headsets... When I play games, many times the musics are repetitive so I prefer to turn it off but I wanna ear the sound fx.

    The key is wrong! You're a great beta tester, yeah! ;-p The problem with the object that piggy is carrying is the "Z-order". I have too many obj, some in front and other in the back. The Z-order let you put only in TOP or BOTTOM... so everytime I have to reorder all... in this level I don't do this boring process, so the key remains in random order... <img src="smileys/smiley29.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    If you find another bugs, let me know!

    Thanx and bye!!!

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