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  • Hi Guys, im finaly comming along with my new idea for a physics game.

    Goal: You need to destroy the red jewels by drobbing a ball.

    You can either hit them, or bounce them to the ground.

    The thing i really want to work on in this beta is the "Tools"

    You can use theese to accomplish your goal.

    If anyone would leave a comment or two. I would be very happy.

    Also regarding the perfomance, if you will.


    Play Here:

  • Hi Xanxion,

    Nice start, these kind of games are really fun. The game didnt appear to be lagging but you could include a fps counter (from the ghost tutorial example) to be able to tell for sure. Its hard to tell if its slowing down or thats the speed you get from the gravity.

    Also i was able to mow down the blocks on the lower stack with a tool on the mouse cursor (im IE9). Also i was able to grab multiple tools, like 2 cogs at the same time.

    Once a few more stages have been added i'll definately be back to test again.

  • Hi GenkiGenka.

    Thanks for trying it out.

    Im glad it didnt lag on your computer.

    I didnt know about the fps counter, i'll give that a go!

    Thanks for telling me about the bug.

    I'll be sure to add a comment here, when the game is a little closer to finished!

    Thanks again!

  • Can't acces the Level 2...

    I go back to Level 1

    And you can destroy the bottom gems when you are holding an object.

    Good presentation!

  • Hi guicole.

    Ah yes, i forgot to place my "deadzone" on the the ones below, whoops hehe.

    Theres only one lvl for now. But i'll update the game soon with more levels. :- )

  • Extremly nice concept! Respect!

    Please increase the contrast between writing and background. I know, its not stylish but people like me have a VERY hard time reading your descriptions. There are a few games arround you could use for inspiration for your "tools", just like LEMMINGS oder CRAZY MACHINE - like remote triggert bombs, laserbeams, hammers..etc...

  • Hi Weishaupt.

    Thanks for the words!

    Im gonna take a look at that. I remember lemmings, from when i was kid.

    I'll go take a re-look at it! :-)

    I need some inspiration for more tools anyway!

    I guess "White" font should work on the blue background?

    Might be easier to see, then.

    Thanks again!

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  • Alot got fixed. Im kinda close to finishing the game.

    Theres only 1 level still. But thats the fast part to create.

    Feel free to check out the new demo:


  • 3 new levels made ;)

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