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    I released a patch with 30 new levels to my game In A Nightmare. Now there are 60 challenging levels!

    And i would like to hear your thoughts and criticisims about this if possible.

    To be perfectly honest i am fed up with people who can't pass even 2-3 levels and give it 1 star. I am sure you experience same or pretty alike situations. So you know i could really use a bit of professional criticism which may help me to take my game one step further.

    When it comes to being hard, in fact it is not that hard when you try and pass several levels you get used to it and average playtime is 40-70 minutes max.

    For Android; ... re.piszozo

    You can also play at Kongregate;

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  • Tried the game - it looks decent, seems like you spent a while designing the levels but, frankly, to me the controls are pretty terrible - well, most mobile games that aren't single tap or swipe tend to be. But in this case although the control system seems thought out and does the best it can (at least it's not a virtual pad), but it gets quite annoying quite quickly. The dash move worked maybe 1 time out of 5, then seemingly randomly set off when I was already on the bottom.

    I think it's a decent idea brought down by the awkward controls - if there was a way to swipe to dash, for example - so you would kinda tap,tap==>slide left to dash left - maybe that would work better.

    Also if I were you I would add drop shadows to the jumpable platforms - just a simple gradient would do - would make them stand out a little more on all that grey (I mean, they are visible, the art is nice, but it would look even better).

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