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  • Greetings all,

    first time poster, first time trying to make a Construct 2 game!

    So, I downloaded this wonderful program last week, have been playing around with it for a few days, and here's what I've come up with so far: An "Arkanoid" clone with a twist ... literally.

    Paranoid 360?:

    (.capx here: )

    Clearly, this is still a work in progress, but for now it's good enough to start showing it off to you guys. I appreciate any feedback (yes, even the bad kind).


    Use arrow keys (or touch controls) to control pad. Left = clockwise, Right = counterclockwise. Break all the blocks and keep the ball from leaving the playfield. Catch falling blocks for bonuses: Red = shoot lasers, blue = longer pad, yellow = faster pad, cyan = get three balls, purple = open a portal to the next level, white = extra life.


    • Improve the graphics. Drastically.
    • Make a better-looking title screen and game over screen.
    • Add in-game instructions. Maybe even a few tutorial levels.
    • Find some appropriate background music, and add more sound effects.
    • Add more levels. I currently have thirty (well, fifteen, but all levels have two modes - you'll understand it if you play through to level six), I want to have a hundred.
    • Organize the event sheet to make it less messy. As I was saying, first try.
    • Create a highscore system.
    • Build a level editor.
    • Figure out why that darn offline.appcache doesn't have the correct MIME type.

    Any opinions? Like I said, I'd love to hear them.

  • Great !! The idea is interesting,,,,

  • Good work. Keep it up!

  • very interesting...

  • Thank you :-)

    Small code update: Realized a pretty huge flaw in my "script": The ball's speed was framerate independent, the bar's speed wasn't. Should be fixed now, I think (if the start screen doesn't say "v0.11", please refresh).

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  • for the touch controls, it would be better to have the left and right controls adjacent to each other, just like the arrow keys on the keyboard, with the pause separate. this will give better control for the paddle without having to 'search' for the controls.

    great concept though. you could definitely build a nice tablet touch game with this.

  • Hmm... I'm not quite understanding what you mean by having left and right adjacent (if it wasn't obvious already, English is not my first language). You mean right next to each other? If so, where were you thinking - on the bottom of the layout?

    I guess this is an area where I really need feedback: I don't have any touch gadgets myself (no pad, no tablet, no smartphone), so I'm not too familiar with how people actually hold their tablets. I assumed having left control in the bottom left corner and right control in the bottom right corner would be the most practical thing. That's of course assuming that people hold their gadgets with two hands when playing this kind of game, but I have no idea if that's really true or just something I'm imagining. So I appreciate all feedback on how to improve the touch controls. Or should I, perhaps, rather have the "move bar left" control take up the entire left half of the screen, and "move bar right" take up the right half of the screen? Touch tablets and smartphones is a world I'm very unfamiliar with, so I have a lot to learn.

    Thanks to all of you for kind words about the concept. I first had the idea eight years ago and managed to upload a quick flash game to Newgrounds, but I struggled a lot with making the physics, collisions, ball angles etcetera work properly. With Construct 2, the program does all the most difficult things for me - I love it!

    But yeah, I love the concept myself. I guess you could say that what I'm going for here is "addictive". I hope to be able to drastically improve it over the next couple of months or so, and then launch it as a free web game. The idea is simple, but I love it.

  • yes, you understand exactly what i meant. sorry for being too fancy with my words.

    but you actually brought up a good point; i probably hold the tablet in a different way then others. so some may like to hold the corners, as you said, and others may like to place it on a table or lap or whatever.

    in that case, having the whole left side move left, and the whole right side move right, may be a good solution for both methods.

    the best ideas always seem to be the simplest ones.

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