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    Relationships are tricky. It's impossible to keep track of everything, to make sure that you're not wasting energy on the wrong people, or that you're not letting valuable friends slip through your fingers.

    It's a problem of scale. With potentially hundreds of different acquaintances, how do you balance between them all? How do choose your closest friends, your mentors and teachers, the people you care about, and the people you ignore?

    Despite what you may have been told, being overwhelmed doesn't mean you're bad at dealing with people. It just means you're wildly... inefficient.

    So from Latinforimagination, built on the Construct 2 engine, comes a game about managing relationships.

    Because no matter who you are or what you believe, introvert or extrovert, friendly or reserved, sooner or later...

    everyone Organizes.


    Anyway... I'm working on this game with a friend - it's the first full game we'll have made in Construct 2, so we're both very excited about it. The Organizer is a brightly cynical arcade-style game with a strong emphasis on injecting humor into gameplay.

    You'll drag the people you meet into different boxes, and based on what their stats are, you'll get different passive bonuses over time. Managing where to focus your efforts and how to balance your energy with your relationships is the trick of it all. We're hoping to mix the gameplay up with a lot of different challenges to encourage different styles of play, all with their own whimsical style.

    Everything's still in active development, but we finally got a trailer made and it seemed worth sharing. We'll keep this thread up to date with our progress on the game, so if you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear them.

    Thanks for reading,

    Daniel Shumway


  • Interested! Need moar :)

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    Thanks for your interest! I'll definitely be keeping this thread updated with information while the game is being developed. My team and I have got about 2 weeks left of classes and projects before winter break, at which point development will really start to pick up - right now I'm mostly catching up with school and trying to share the trailer around.

    <font size="4">Premise and Gameplay</font>

    The Organizer is based around the idea of mental maps, which are visual representations of reality that some people form to help keep track of schedules, or environments, or to plan their way through specific tasks.

    In the Organizer, mental maps are used to keep track of people. In its simplest form, the gameplay will consist of you picking up people and dragging them between different colored boxes.

    Depending on the gamemode, you'll have different mechanics built on top of that premise, and each gamemode will have different challenges that encourage you to experiment with new strategies and mix things up a bit. I'm a big proponent of "games should be fun of their own accord", so I didn't want to just have a high-score and tell people that grinding for leaderboards was the entirety of the game.

    The hope with the challenges is that most of the time you spend playing the game you're actually exploring mechanics. You'll still be able to grind for score if that's something that you enjoy, but if that's not your thing, the game won't go out of its way to say, "play the exact same game again for yet another 30 or 40 minutes but try to do it just slightly better at the end." When you master the base mechanics, you'll be able to scale difficulty in more interesting ways: by taking away an advantage that you used to have, or adding in a weird restriction or requirement.

    I'll give some details on what those challenges will look like, and on the first of the gamemodes being released in February, The Introvert, in the next post.

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