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  • Hi everyone,

    The best advice I ever got when I got into game development was to make my first creation something small and simple. I didn't listen to this advice. Instead I started Nut Drop, a massive game with 230 levels spread over 10 worlds and a ton of unlockable special nuts and powers. Two and a half years later the game is finally out and I'm very happy with the way it's turned out.

    Nut drop features include:

    • Free to play!
    • A unique mix between a physics and puzzle game
    • Explore 230 levels spread across 10 worlds
    • Simple and intuitive game mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master. Good luck finishing the final world!
    • Discover 36 different nuts, each with a unique ability
    • Unlock 10 extraordinary nut powers along your journey
    • Every level poses a different challenge. Experiment with combinations of nuts and nut powers to complete all 200 levels and defeat the big bad boss monster in the final level

    This journey has been pretty crazy for me. When I started off I knew nothing about game development and had very limited coding skills. To finish Nut Drop and implement all the features I wanted to include in the game I've had to learn JavaScript, PHP and MySQL and spend countless hours banging my head against the wall trying to work through Intel XDK errors and buggy Facebook plugins. In an effort to reduce frustration for other newly started indie game developers I am writing a blog full of tutorials on how I managed to get various features to work in Nut Drop. It contains a detailed explanation of how to get Facebook to work properly as well as a bunch of other stuff. It's 100% free and is only meant to help the C2 community so feel free to check it out and spread the word if you know someone who is struggling to get Facebook or other features to work:

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