Noctis Horrorem - An arcade-style horror game

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    Play the Alpha version of my upcoming game, Noctis Horrorem. For the time being, I strongly recommend using Google Chrome and Firefox for the best experience.

    I would absolutely love some feedback on this. Positives and negatives, bugs, and whatever else you think.



    Noctis Horrorem is a 2D, side-scrolling, arcade-style shooter with a horror theme. Enter your nightmares and defeat your most terrifying fears.

    Documentation available upon request

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  • Nice atmosphere and graphics. May I suggest going over this:

    I really like the intro, and the ambiance. It is a wee bit too dark though at first. Maybe give your guy a lighter or a small candle using thsi effect:

    Great story telling. I have a feeling you are going to get a nice fan base with this one.

  • Great game! I loved the atmosphere!

    The only thing that bothers me are the buttons... but I think you'll change this, since some buttons are already sprites xD

    Edit: I found some bugs... It happened after I bought the Swift Justice, the flashlight arm keeps rotating and I can't walk/run/roll (and shoot on Isolation stage)

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    jojoe I plan on redoing the character animations before commercial release. It was my first attempt at 2D animation, so it wasn't the best.

    Seasky Are you referring to the HTML buttons, or the floating sprites?

    Also, thanks for the bug notice. I had someone else complain about it too, and i've seen it once. I'll be sure to fix that.

  • Trunks252 I'm referring to the HTML buttons

  • I can definitely fix those. Hopefully I can figure out how to alter them through html.

  • Hey everyone.

    I added some new features and fixed a large number of bugs. I would really like some feedback, positive and negative if you have any to give. Thanks!

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