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  • Glad to be of help

    Here's how your tweet turned out, hope you like it:

    Mr.Clim needs your help climbing trees! Come see how far you can climb. ... r_ClimTree

    #android #androidgames #free #app #indiedev

  • Dude, its awesome. Mr.ClimTree would be more better but its ok Mr.Clim is also fine.

    Thanks a lot VIKINGS

  • You're welcome mate.

  • nice idea

  • Sigh, how come your game already has between 100-500 installs and mine is still at 8?

    What could I have done so horribly wrong that people won't even install it to try it out for 5 mins?


    Dude, nearly 70 people of the total installs are from friends and family. Now, I'm getting only 1-5 installs per day. I want to get 100+ installs per day but it isn't happing. I don't know how to make my game success and not sure how many days it'll take to get decent number of installs. I'm trying to make it more and more interesting but I need someone to try, rite.

    About your game, I'm not sure what went wrong. It is hard to understand what interests the users. I'm a hard core video game fan, since my childhood playing video games has become a great passion. Now, when I started developing a video game, I felt totally different. I can say, I failed to make a first best impression. I developed the game in my interests but I guess the users are expecting much more than that. Also they have a lot of better options with top games in the market.

    I guess, your game faces the same problem. It is better to focus on particular set of people than all of them because when you see, the majority will not be interested in playing your game. Not only yours but also mine and all of the games. So, find people who like to play your game, though they are very few they are your greatest assets.

    Think as your game was developed by some third party person and play. Do you really like to play it if it is developed by someone else? That's what I though about my game and started to add some extra features to make it better.

    Hope you will understand and do the same.

    All the Best man.

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  • I'm happy to release new update

    Newly added:

    Enemy: Honey Bee.

    New Features:

    Tamp Barnacle to score 30 points.

    Escape from Bee to score 50 points.

    I hope this gives more fun.




    I saw that you added in-app purchases in your game, could you please guide with the subject. I added the C2 IAP object in my game and defined the events to ask the user for purchasing a product but while testing, when I touch the product I got a message as this 'Authentication is required. You need to sign in to your Google Account'. For logging into Google Account I added cranberry game plugin but still it isn't working.

    I also tried to download cranberry phonegap IAP plugin but It is asking to $5. I tried it in the below link.

    Please help. Thanks.

  • I'm not sure if I'm the right person to ask .... Nobody plays my games, which means there's nobody who wants to donate, which in turn means that I don't even really know for sure if what I did even works....

    So I wish I could help, but I think you should find someone more appropiate to help you with this.

    Good luck mate, let me know how it turns out.


    Please don't be upset, Legends who made history have faced lot of failures, criticisms and disappointments in the initial stages but they never gave up. That's the reason they could achieve things. So, never back down.

    Now, please tell me the steps you have taken for IAP. I see your game has IAP's and I want implement it in my game.

  • Haha, right.... a legend I am not, I'd settle for making the minimum wage, which in my country would be around 300$ per month.

    Anyway , here's what I think are the right steps.

    1. First of all I used cranberry's IAP plugin, so if you try and it doesn't work with the other one, then I suggest you purchase the latest version from cranberry's site.

    2. Then you need to put the plugin in your project and upload an apk that uses the plugin to the google console. That will add an extra permission in the console ""

    3. After that permission is added you can then add iaps to your project in the console. So choose their names, prices, etc. and activate them.

    4. Once you're done with all that copy that huuugeee RSA key from services&apis and paste it in C2 in the properties of the iap plugin.

    5. Then you set up the events in C2, how you do this is mostly up to you, obviously your needs are gonna differ from mine... What you do have to keep in mind here is the order of the iap plugin's events. First you add the product ids, then you request the store listing and then you can purchase products.

    So for example in my game I have:

    So what I did there was, I added the products(these names have to be an exact match to what you entered in the google console!!), then I requested the store listing, then a little animation for the button, and then I went to the donation layout. And only then on that layout I have events that include phonegapiap|purchase product "donate1" or purchase donate2, etc.

    Now like I said how you set up your events in entirely up to you. You could have it all in the same layout for example. First you make an event where you add the products and request the store listing, then underneath it you could have an event "phonegapiap|on store listing success" create a bunch of objects, place them on the screen in the right places, etc. you get the idea.

    6. Do you use intelxdk or cocoonio?


    Thanks alot man for the instructions man. I'll get back to you if I have any doubts.

    I use intel XDK.

    How much the plugin cost. Are the updates free?

  • I don't remember how much it costs and whether or not the updates are free(sorry my memory sucks), go check his site and you'll see.

    You use intel, ok then:

    6. Once you have loaded your project in intelxdk don't forget to cut(yes, cut, not copy) everything from the additions.xml in the www folder and paste all of it in the additions.xml that is outside the www folder(after you delete what is already in this xml). The click File>Save All

    7. The new update of intelxdk makes some drastic changes to where the plugin registry is located and how they are retrieved(from what I understand), so at the moment there is a chance that certain plugins may not work properly anymore, untill their respective authors move them in the new place. Or something like that... anyway, read the release notes for yourself to get a better idea of what is going on.

    Think that's all, but like I said I have no real way of knowing if all of those steps&everything I did is correct, since nobody has attempted to donate in my games, so.... good luck, keep me updated with your progress .


    Sure man, i'll update my progress. Thanks alot, you're a great help to me.

    I'll contact you again if I have any doubts.



    Where do i find this www folder?

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