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  • Hi

    This is a game about battles in the Napoleonic era from 1795 until 1815 where the player plays the part of the French (at least for now).

    It includes some Napoleonic battles, Arcole, Marengo, Loano, Mont-Saint-Jean already playable, plus others scenarios in development (Rivoli, Lodi, Talavera etc.), played in a hexagonal turn-based map.

    There are different formations: line, square, general order and troops: line infantry, guard, cavalry, artillery. Victory is achieved by accumulating points, earned for eliminating units + conquering objectives, furthermore

    there is the possibility of an automatic victory or a draw. There are 3 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard).

    The game is enough simple and fast. More scenarios will be added soon, including a scenario with a random arrangement of the terrain, objectives and the two armies

    There will be a version for windows 10 and probably for Linux.

    Your suggestions and advice are welcome.

    Facebook page:

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