[Multiplayer] Platform Football Game

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  • Hi guys ! So here is my first attempt as a video game, gladly assisted by Construct 2.

    The concept is pretty simple : your character must throw the ball in the adverse goal. You can move, jump, double jump on walls, catch the ball and shoot it.


    For now, there is only one playable character, mainly because I can't test multiplayer alone :p I'm interested on making a server-based multiplayer mode, so I'm considering the Zack0Wack0's Socket plugin. I may also add different game modes and gameplay improvements.

    Please let me know about any critic or suggestion on how to improve the game, I'm new here and still learning :)

    Many thanks from France :)

  • my two cents :)

    It's not the CAPS to hold the ball, it's the shift :)

    The key to shoot should be another key than down arrow :)

  • Haha thank you I just couldn't remember the correct translation :)

    I changed the shoot key to Control.

  • Wow Cool game, You considering releasing the capx? ;D

  • It's quite simple and still WIP :p Construct 2 is doing most of the job handling the physic behavior of the ball.


  • Morhaus

    Wow! Thanks :D:D:D.

    What does 'WIP' stand for, Work in progress?

  • You're welcome :)

    Yes, WIP means Work in Progress.

  • i like it

    Soccer rulez !! :D

  • After a bit of learning on the Construct 2 SDK and the nowJS object and properties, I finally developed a plugin that allows client/server communication easily.

    My only problem is that I don't know what is the best solution to synchronize the clients. Let's say each player controls a sprite on a platform game. Should I emulate every control from a client to another? Should I save the sprite position and synchronize it every tick ? The first solution seems by far the best, and it works nice when I try it, but it produces a small lag between the clients. The last solution is ways heavier and less pratical. Do you have any idea on how I shouls proceed ?

    Thanks :)

  • Looks light you make have beaten talkinghead to it <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> with the multiplayer plugin. Are you planning on sharing it?

    On multiplayer no matter how well things are coded, There is allways a slight lag between communication. Its to do with the hosting. (I think)

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  • I think that talkinghead's multiplayer plugin will be more advanced than mine. His demo actually works better than mine ;)

    That's why I think it's possible to minimize the lag and to synchronize properly the clients.

    For now I don't plan on sharing the plugin, I don't know if I'll finish it and at its actual form it could break the projects that use it.

  • Try to keep all the "world processing" on the server.

    And try to apply some lag compensation on the inputs from the clients as well as in the clients themselves.

    Read again talkinghead's topic, I think he mentions it.

    There's also this article I found insightful on the subject.

    As smitchell said though, be aware you won't be able to eliminate all the lag, but you can reduce its impact.

  • Thanks for the article, I read it but the different methods seemed a little bit too complicated for me. I don't know how to make it reachable for any user of my plugin.

    I finally got a working demo, with 23 events client-side and 71 lines of code for the server app.js :) No apparent lag, some basic security check for teleport. No need to edit runtime.js, but minimum skills in javascript are needed to adjust the server app.js. I think it's still possible to improve the overall ergonomy of the plugin but it's currently quite simple and easy to use.

    Now I'll take a look at nowjs groups ! I'll also try to host a server to run a demo of the plugin.

  • Yeah, Would be great to see a playable demo <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />. Would be usefull for you aswell to get some feedback from different hosts using different computers.

  • Drop box links dont work :/

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