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  • Hi guys. After a few all-nighters, I completed my first Construct 2 game. I named it "Mr and Mrs Box", and it's a platformer with a twist. Similar to I Wanna Be The Guy, and The Impossible Game, it's REALLY difficult, and requires reaction time, and the ability to predict what's going to happen. The graphics aren't the best, but that's because this wasn't really intended to be a polished game YET. I'm releasing it in this manner to get feedback and to see if this is something people would like to see made into a full-fledged game.

    Currently the people who have played the game can't get through it. However apparently a lot of those people have never played games like this before and so I'm really interested in getting some people familiar with the two other games I mentioned above to play the game so I can hear their input. If a lot of people like it, I'll go ahead and all new graphics, as well as more traps and enemies and some support for Kongregate achievements.

    Whether you like the game or not, I'd like to know! Go ahead and try the game out here, but like I said, it's very hard. You were warned! ... nd-mrs-box

    Also, a side note, here is a trailer I made for it too. Kinda whacky:

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  • I just tried this out and, you weren't kidding, it's very difficult. I like the simple, easy concept but it might get too frustrating except for the really dedicated players. Which is probably fine as that's the target demographic you're looking to, I'm sure.

  • It is really hard but nice concept for two players

  • Thank you both for trying it out. Also, bilgekaan, this is a single-player game.

  • cool concept !!!

  • Thanks! Were you able to beat it?

  • Very hard, too hard for me.

    Where is the music from?

  • All of that info is in the description of the game on Kongregate. Kevin Macleod mainly.

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  • Vulturus for a single player it was really hard and I played with my gf this way was more fun to me

  • Were you and your girlfriend able to beat the game once you teamed up, or was it still too hard?

  • Great concept regardless if it's a single-player or for two.

    I didn't notice the subtle differences at first, and YES, it is difficult and I lack patience, unfortunately, so I had to quit in order not to break my keyboard

  • Lol yeah I don't want anyone breaking their equipment over this game. Thanks for the input.

  • This is very difficult for me , but I like the concept I am trying and trying.

    Can you this make this for Mobile so you tap on the screen or something like that.

    it seems to me cool to play it on Mobile.

    Regards and good luck !,


  • Vulturus it was still hard we can't finish it but we couldn't put much time on it. For two player I think this difficulty is really good when you finish a level you feel like accomplish something

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