Movember App: A Gentleman's Retort

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  • Greetings,

    I spent Sunday afternoon putting together a simple Android app to promote Movember and allow people to donate money to the cause. If you have an Android device, check it out at this link:

    Here's some of the background:

    OK, so you've started growing that moustache for Movember. All looking pretty dang good by now, yeah? You're abiding by the rules of conduct, my mo bro?

    This app will help you conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner, even when you need to put down an adversary with a swift verbal delivery.

    Now there's the Gentleman's Retort to keep you gentlemanly when somebody gives you a truckload of verbal.

    Just dial up the app, hit the 'Riposte' cufflink and deliver a gentlemanly retort to your antagonist, including:

    "Thou have the whiff of a mountain goat"

    "There is no more sense in you than milk in a male tiger"

    "I should chop this hand off and with the other fling it in your face"

    "There's no more spine in thee than in a stewed prune"

    I hope you check it out and enjoy!!!'s a very basic premise and took about six hours from start to finish.

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