Mortar Melon - Web/Desert Beta - Need testers!

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  • Ah, yeah, the mouse wheel does work. I think it should zoom a lot more though - it took a lot of zooming to get it where I wanted. It would probably get tiring to do a lot of that every time the player wants to zoom.

    One of the ones that got shot straight through was the right most one on level 31.

  • Thanks everyone for the amazing feedback. We were able to make lots of changes based on what everyone said.

    A couple of things we couldn't change:

    • Mouse controls (we didn't have the capacity to test a rapidly different approach for this release. We'll definitely address it for the next release.)
    • End of level planks (as UI stuff is created dynamically there's a lot of logic involved in this, and we didn't use a family for the planks (doh!) so this is pushed to the next release.

    Literally every other point should now have been addressed. Our update is now live in the Windows Store - we'll have a proper announcement and trailer soon.

    Thanks again everyone, I couldn't have asked for better feedback. This put into words what a lot of the Windows Store users just expressed through vague frustration.

    Unfortunately the web build is now down, but you can play on Windows 8 here.

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  • Argh, I missed getting to play the rest of the levels. XD I guess I'll have to wait until you release it on something other than win 8.

    ...You ARE gonna release on something other than win 8, right? :)

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