Miner Rescue + Miner Defense!

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  • :( Im sorry i forgot about different keyboard layouts, can you guys suggest some options other than control shift space?

  • I'm jaw dropping on this project. For 100 events I think this game is amazing. Personally I think metroidvania this game up a bit. Maybe do a small kickstarted project to let you get more time to work on it. Then sell this bad boy on various devices :D

    I still find the controls difficult. Mostly in that I find having my "jump" button on the left side to be unintuitive. I think this is far more me though than the game :D I would like it if I could swap Z and C around.

  • Nice. I actually spend my time until I found all the miners! Great game! Hope to see it grow.

  • good job

  • Updated the game a bit so things make more sense now!

    Stuff changed:

    • music, still by Ultrasyd
    • aliens will block some attacks
    • aliens will display a small flash before attacking
    • last hit of the combo deals more damage
    • spiders are gone :(
    • theres now a weird alien plant thing dripping acid (classic obstacle is classic)
    • potions turned into fruits
    • some more stuff i can't remember
    • but if i do remember i'll edit this post

    I think it got more solid overall after switching the unkillable spiders to an obstacle thats pretty obvious that you can't kill :lol:

    Anyway, this is the last update the game is getting, otherwise i'll go on forever changing little things, which ultimately lead into nothing since i'm still stuck with 100 events.

    And another link just incase


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  • Bumping this because i added another game! Check out the first post!


    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/78939062/defense4.png" border="0">

    and link incase you're lazy to go to the first page :p


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