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  • I'll start off by telling you that this is an old project of mine which I've pretty much abandoned. But I dusted it off and played it a bit this morning and thought it was at least worth sharing with you guys.

    In Mechanic Master, you start off with a Personal Protection Orb (PPO) which orbits you and shoots any enemies in range. They are your meat shield as well as your melee/ranged DPS. Your job is to keep them running, buff, and upgrade them.

    This will give you an idea of how I like to play the game. My dad, however, simply kites the enemies around all day while using the mouse for movement. I like to WASD.

    I very highly recommend clicking on Instructions, then Play Tutorial. I tried to make the controls intuitive, but it's still kind of unique.

    • You start off with 1 PPO and can have a maximum of 3.
    • You can change their weapon types in Dome City
    • You can level up for passive bonuses
    • You can cast a buff on a single PPO (which lasts longer), or do a shorter duration buff on all active PPOs (by pressing the ~ key to the left of the 1 after queuing a buff)

    The goal of the game is to make it out to the level 1, 2, and 3 factories to kill the boss. The first time you kill a boss in each level, you gain an ability like rocket dash (right click) or whatever I called the thing that sucks in resources automatically. After the first kill, you will still get an exp and resource bonus for killing a boss. Press M and follow the red arrow to the closest base. If you're trying to get back to Dome City, follow the star (With the map up). Press spacebar to use a bomb and hit everything on the screen. They're great for right outside of a factory and you can buy more in dome city.

    You start off with 200 resources so click on Dome City and see what you can buy. The level 1, 2, 3 zones are simply farther from dome city. You can tell the zones by what the ground looks like and which enemies are in the area. Good luck in level 3! :)

    Enough talk! Have fun destroying some robots!

    Mechanic Master on Dropbox - Sorry for the load time.

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  • Nice Game , load times is ok if you make instructions or something.

  • I think this is definately worth developing. Would you consider going back into this project seriously?

    It feels like just smooth it out, get cuter graphics and you are on a golden path :) All you have to do afterwards is to add content.



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