ManderZ Was Kidnapped! (Marriage Proposal)

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  • Hello everyone,

    Last Thursday, I surprised my girlfriend with a game I had made for her. Little did she know it was a marriage proposal!

    Those 8-Bit NerdZ - ManderZ Was Kidnapped!

    ManderZ Was Kidnapped!

    The amazing and beautiful and incredibly awesome ManderZ has been kidnapped by a bunch of weird space blobs! It�s your job to save her! Grab your "Hero�s Bow" and work your way through the dungeon to destroy them all. Make sure you save up all of the coins you find along the way!

    She got through the game and after she picked her jaw back up from the floor (she was so surprised!) she said "YES!"

    I'm posting the game online for everyone here because if it wasn't for Construct 2, This wouldn't have been possible.

    Thank you Scirra!!!

    The controls are as follows:

    * Left/Right Arrows � Move left or right

    * Down Arrow � Duck

    * Z � Jump

    * X � Shoot

    You can also shoot while you�re ducking. And holding down+jump will let you fall through the platform you�re standing on.

    If you have a USB game controller, that will also work. Jump is A and Shoot is B.

    We've decided not to post this in the Scirra Arcade for now. If anyone has any questions about the game feel free to ask. It was a blast to create and the look on her face made everything even better!

    Thanks :),


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  • That's so cool and very well executed! Congrats on the engagement! I just got married myself, three weeks ago. :D

    Best of luck to you two!

  • Thanks ionux :) The best part is I used some gameboy colored assets from the real game we're making. She thought it was a demo level at first :D

    And congratulations to you and your spouse!

  • wow very good & dificult i cant finish it

  • Awesome! I saw someone else do this before a couple months back? I think it's the neatest idea in the world. It's a little late for me to do it though.

  • Thanks JCJOSECALDERON and mepis! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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